Scout - Short & Long Box Dump Insert

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InstallationInstallationInstallation at Express Custom: $400.00

InstallationInstallation Time Required: ~4 hours

ETAOrder Estimated Completion Time: 2-3 Weeks


ETA 3-Way Tailgate
ETA Electric/Hydraulic Power Pack With Corded Remote
ETA 550LBs lightweight construct
ETA Allows 1 tonne trucks to haul up to 5.5x (5500LBS) of standard load
ETA Made from 3/16" Aluminum, strategically welded together for optimal performance with enduring strength
ETA Steel sub-frame with generic bolt-down holes
ETA Powered by a two-way 12V Hydraulic Power Pack that is coupled to a low-profile 6000LB Scissor Hoist
ETA Enables trucks to throw more material than the truck is legally able to haul
ETA 12" Two-Button (Raise & Lower) Remote-Control wired to truck cab
ETA Height-Extension fir-boards (Stained)
ETA Full Height Cab Protector (With Expanded Mesh gaps)


ETA Add Tarp & Roller Kit - +$495.00


ETA VOLUME Capacity: 1.4 Cubic Meters (1.75yds)
ETA Load Capacity: 2500KGs (5500LBs)
ETA Weight: 243KGs (535LBs)
ETA Power: 12V, 150 Amp
ETA Mechanics: Hydraulic Scizzor
ETA Controls: 12' two-button remote
ETA Finish: Bare Aluminum
ETA Dump Angle Peak: 48 Degrees



Your Price:C$4,295.00