Rival - Special Service Vehicles


R-SSV Medical Transport

In a field where seconds can mean someone's life, we believe our emergency transport vehicle truck-bed inserts allow medical response the reliable, affordable, safe, and fast tools to assist the injured. First designed right in our offices, and now inspiring the E.T.V. industry all across Canada, we have been a frontrunner in the medical response truck-bed industry. Being a veteran in the E.T.V. industry has allowed us time to adjust, refine, and optimize the E.T.V.'s so that our product reached maximum quality with minimum cost. Now becoming a requirement in more and more areas and workplaces, our E.T.V. inserts are the next step in ensuring your employee's safety.

Some of our Medical Transport Apparatus Includes:

E.T.V. (Emergency Transport Vehicle) half bed insert (Ideal for remote logging locations)
Self-Contained Pick-up Insert ETV skid
Full Camper Style Pick-Up Bed insert Ambulance