Rival - Special Service Vehicles


R-SSV Law Enforcement


Vehicle Lighting, Custom Consoles & Controls, K9 Transport, and even Full Body Prisoner Transport Units. We have been working with officers across the province in developing reliable, custom-tailored products designed for convienence for the user, and seamless reliability within our systems. We have been working non-stop for officers throughout the province for years now, from upfitting entire fleets to manufacturing, installing, and wiring custom electrical systems inside our Z-Class Prisoner Transport Unit, which is servicing the enforcement team today. When it comes to in-truck products and solutions in the law enforcement industry, you've arrived at the spearhead. Please contact us or send us an idea/proposal to order/inquire.

Some of our Enforcement Apparatus Includes:

Policing special equipment for forensic analysis, traffic crash assessment, K9 transport, etc
Incarceration Inserts & Bodies (Secure Prisoner Transport) for police, corrections and sheriffs
Emergency Lighting & Controls (includes lights, sirens, custom controllers, consoles, Digital Video Recording, etc.)