Rival - Special Service Vehicles


R-SSV Fire Apparatus

We have been working hand in hand with fire response districts across Canada for years. From Electrical Wiring & Lighting, to Rescue Bodies, to Custom Officer Vehicles, we've stood alongside our heroes ensuring they have the apparatus to do their job efficiently and quickly. Designing and manufacturing our own products & systems allows us flexability, which allows a finished product that is tailored to your requirements. If you are looking to build a new unit, upgrade an existing fleet, or have any inquiries about what we can do for you, please visit our Contact Page today.

Some of our Fire Rescue Apparatus Includes:

Wild Fire Initial Attack Decks
Wild Fire Trailers with cabinets, water tanks/CAF Skids, etc.
Custom Light Rescue Bodies
Custom Light Interface Bodies
Custom Mini Pumpers
Custom Command Centres (Bodies & Trailers)
Custom Duty Officer vehicles
Custom Emergency Hazmat Deployable Operations Base
Emergency Lighting & Controls (includes lights, sirens, custom controllers, consoles, etc.)

Check out this video for an example of what we do!